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Chronic Lower Extremity Cellulitis - Treatment Options

Long term oral antibiotic treatment for patients with recurrent lower leg cellulitis

Edema of the lower leg frequently contributes to a superficial infection of the skin called cellulitis.  Cellulitis can often be treated, but if swelling persists, cellulitis will become chronic.   It’s important t...

It’s not just dry feet – it’s a fungal infection!

Low-grade, chronic fungal infections of the feet are often mistaken for just dry skin.

You've tried Avon products, Eucerin, Vasoline Intensive Care and Aveno. Why isn't the dry skin on your feet clearing up? Here's a recent product review from one of our customers for Antifungal Healing Foot Cream:

Verrucae treatments – the green smoothie solution

Warts – it’s all about the vitamin AGreen smoothies for treating warts

I’ve seen a wonderful patient over the past year who is in her late sixties and has been coming in for treatment of a wart.  Although we typically think of a wart (verrucae plantaris) as a disease of adolescence, every so often I’ll see someone in their sixth or...

Venous Stasis Dermatitis

What is venous hypertension and how does it cause venous stasis dermatitis?Venous stasis dermatitis

Hypertension most commonly refers to the overall pressure of the circulatory system, or what would be called high blood pressure.   The term hypertension can also be used to describe elevated pressures in specific regions o...

Pemphigus Vulgaris of the Foot

How does the skin blister and why does it happen?

The formation of a blister is a localized deposition of fluid, most commonly deep to the epidermis, the most superficial layer of skin.  Blistering can occur due to a direct insult to the skin such as friction, an acute temperature injury to the ski...