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Blog posts of '2017' 'December'

What is micro fracture?

How is micro-fracture used in foot and ankle surgery?Hallux limitus chondromalacia

The surface of every  joint is covered with a smooth, glistening material called cartilage.  Cartilage is an avascular structure that is supplied with oxygen and essential nutrients by the synovial fluid within the joint.  Synovial fluid is capa...

Reliability of ABI testing

More questions for an old vascular testABI testing

I was at a wound care conference several weeks ago and got into a conversation with a colleague regarding ABI testing.  ABI stands for ankle brachial index, sometimes also called an ankle brachial pressure index or ABPI.  An ABI is used to ascertain and quant...

What’s the best hands free speaker for the operating room?

Music in the OR?Music in the OR

What’s the mood in an OR?  A lot of times mood in an operating room is set by the choice of music played during a surgical case.   Some surgeons are classical buffs.  Others show tunes.  I’m a jam band kind of guy.  So as surgeon, I usually get to choose the music.  When we’re in t...