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Blog posts of '2016' 'April'

Hallux Limitus | What you need to know about conservative treatment

Painful hallux limitus can be managed with the use of insoles, but an understanding of the staging of hallux limitus is important to understand which insole to use. This article discusses staging of hallux limitus and orthotic selection.

Relative Hardness of Heel Lifts and Heel Cushions

Which heel lift or heel cushion is right for you? This post discussed the relative hardness of heel lifts and heel cushions.

Achilles Tendinitis | Using a heel lift and spring plate for treatment

Treating chronic Achilles tendinitis requires a comprehensive treatment plan including activity modification and rest. Rest can vary from a complete abstinence from activity or any number of activity modifications. This article explores the use of a Spring Plate and heel lift to treat chronic Achilles tendinitis.

Fungal Nail Infections | How to optimize treatment

Although Just For Toenails is active against fungal nail infections (also called onychomycosis), treating fungal nail infections with a topical agent like Just For Toenails is just the starting point of treatment. What else can be done to treat nail fungus? Let’s take a closer look at what I consider to be a comprehensive approach to fungal infections of the toe nails.

Posterior Shin Splints | Causes and treatment options

Posterior shin splints describes tendinitis of the posterior tibial muscle and tendon. The posterior tibial muscle and tendon originate in the lower leg, deep to the calf muscle. What causes posterior shin splints? This article explores the onset and treatment options for this painful form of ankle pain.