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Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

Bone Contusions | Are they really fractures?

Are bone contusions really considered to be fractures? This article discusses the classification of bone contusions.

Calcaneal Stress Fracture | Differential diagnosis of heel pain

A stress fracture is a nondisplaced defect in a bone that occurs due to repetitive load or trauma. A calcaneal stress fracture (fracture of the heel bone) is most often the result of a sudden abrupt injury but can occur without a history of trauma.

Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain | What is the role of MRI and ultrasound?

What is the role of MRI and Doppler Ultrasound in treating chronic Achilles tendon pain? Does the information obtained from these tests improve patient outcomes? And are the costs of these tests justified? This article discussed the value of imaging in chronic Achilles pain.

Gel Heel Pads | Indications for use

Gel heel pads vary in density and thickness. Which one is right for your needs? This article looks at the attributes of each of our gel heel pads.

Haglund's Deformity | Treatment options

Haglund's Deformity is a prominence of bone found on the posterior heel. How is Haglund's deformity treated? This article looks at the conservative care measure used to treat Haglund's deformity.