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Blog posts of '2018' 'February'

Overlapping toes - causes and treatment

Overlapping toes - causes and treatment

Ronnie on our sales team asked me to talk a bit about overlapping toes.  Overlapping toes are a problem that increases with age, although overlapping toes can be found even in infants. 

What causes overlapping toes?  First, let’s define what an overlapping t...

What is passive suicide?

Is passive, personal neglect a form of suicide? Passive suicide

One of my jobs in lower extremity health is limb salvage.  I had completed a forefoot amputation on a patient several weeks ago for osteomyelitis (bone infection).  In the course of recovery, I got to know a wonderful man who was full of laughter and...

Is PTTD still PTTD?

What happened to the dysfunctional aspect of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction? Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction


A proposal for modification of the Johnson and Storm classification of PTTD.

I met with a patient this week who came to my office upon the referral of his physical therapist who told him that he had posterior tib...

Fall Prevention

When it comes to falls – “I’m the winner!”fall prevention

I was speaking with an older patient and his wife and touched on the topic of home safety and falls.  The patient has Parkinson’s disease and is particularly at risk for falls.  When I asked how he was doing with falls, he didn’t miss a beat by stating, “I...