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Blog posts of '2016' 'March'

Natural Wart Remover | Ingredients

What makes a wart salve Natural Wart Salve? This article discusses the ingredients in Natural Wart Salve. Learn more about the ingredients in Natural Wart Salve that can naturally eliminate warts.

Plantar Warts | Treatment options

What are the treatment options for warts? You might be surprises to learn that not all warts have to be treated by surgical excision. Learn more about treatment alternatives and natural treatment of warts.

Plantar Fibromatosis | Treatment Options

What is plantar fibromatosis and how is it treated? This article explores the treatment options for plantar fibromatosis.

Which Thickness of Reusable Gel Foot Pad is Right For Me?

Reusable gel metatarsal pads and reusable gel dancer's pads come in two thicknesses. Which thickness is right for you? This article discussed the varied thicknesses of these reusable foot pads and their indications.

The Five Ways To Treat Sesamoiditis

What's the best way to treat sesamoiditis? This article discusses 5 ways to treat tibial and fibular sesamoiditis. Which one is right for you? Many times there may be more than one solution.