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Blog posts of '2015' 'January'

Treating Morton's Neuroma - The Jane Russell Effect

Morton's neuroma is a common forefoot condition, so common in fact that in many cases, if a patient has forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma is cited as a differential diagnosis. Although there's a host of different conditions that may cause forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma often tops the list of problems. This article explores the treatment options for Morton's neuroma.

The Wonders of Capsaicin

hot pepper harvest

Hot peppers for diabetics?

In the summer and fall, you can find me in my garden, nurturing and harvesting many vegetables, fruits and herbs. We usually dedicate a large portion of our garden to hot pepper plants, planting many varieties. We love the heat and spice they add to our meals so we gril...

Raynaud's Disease and Treatment Options

What causes Raynaud's phenomenon and Raynaud's Disease? A review of the literature may result in more confusion than be of help. Many authors associate Raynaud's disease with connective tissue disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and scleroderma. Medications, including birth control and beta blockers are often cited. Anxiety and mood disorders are also cited as contributing causes. Thsi article discusses treatment of Raynaud's disease with warming L-arginine cream.

Recycling is a big part of our every day.

Recycling Matters!

thalia oster

We don't let snow or frigid temperatures deter us from hauling all of our recyclables to the local recycling center. As a fulfillment center, we go through quite a bit of cardboard, paper, and plastic each and every day. We also unpack an unseemly amount of plastic film bags...

Why do my hands hurt so badly after they've been cold?

Cold exposure, particularly to the distal extremities (fingers and toes) results in profound vasospasm, limiting blood flow. As the fingers and toes are re-warmed, many people experience significant pain that is described as severe as grasping broken glass. Why does this happen? Let's take a look and see if we can describe why fingers and toes can hurt so much upon re-warming.