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Blog posts of '2014' 'May'

Using carbon graphite spring plates to treat diabetic ulcerations

Diabetes is renown as the primary disease that contributes to a loss of sensation in the feet. This loss of sensation is called diabetic peripheral neuropathy, abbreviated DPN. DPN is a symmetrical loss of sensation often described as a stocking/glove distribution, affected the feet and to a lesser degree, the hands. The loss of sensation that results from DPN is greater distal to proximal, meaning that the loss of sensation will typically be worse in the toes.

Health Care Literacy - what's lost by the new business model of delegating the doctor-patient conversation

Conversation is one of the most fundamental tools we use each and every day, to guide us in our lives. We gain and relay knowledge through conversation. We share our life's experiences, whether happy or sad. Simply put, conversation is what guides us through our lives. In medicine, the conversation between a patient and their doctor can be a life changing experience. A good patient will be a good listener and will interact, asking questions to insure they understand the plan for their health care.