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Three signs that may indicate you have osteoarthritis in your foot and ankle.

Osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle can be very osteoarthritis of the midfootpainful and require changes in your lifestyle and activities.  What are the signs of osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle?

Osteoarthritis, also known as the wear-and-tear arthritis typically has a slow and progressive onset.  The age of onset varies ...

Hammer toe treatment – correction vs protection

Tips for selecting the best hammer toe pad for your needsTypes of hammer toes

The term hammer toe is used to describe how the tip of the toe hammers against the ground with each step.  As the attached image shows, hammer toes come in a variety of shapes and are defined by the terms claw toe, mallet toe and hammer toe....

Ankle fusion – improved walking following ankle fusion with the use of a Carbon Fiber Spring Plate

Carbon Fiber Spring Plates improve walking following ankle fusion.ankle fusion

Surgical fusion of a joint is one of many methods used to treat painful, arthritic joints.  Arthritis that affects a joint following an injury is called secondary osteoarthritis.  Secondary arthritis of the ankle is common and often...

A simple tailor’s bunion? That’s not always the case.

Tailor’s bunions - the 3-in-one problem

The term tailor's bunion (also called a bunionette) comes from a by-gone day when tailors would sit cross-legged on the floor putting up a hem on a skirt orTailor's bunion coat.  Chronic pressure on the outside (lateral side) of the foot resulted in a sore spot overlying th...

Tailor's Bunions | What are the pathomechanics of a tailor's bunion?

What causes a tailor's bunion? This article looks at the causes of tailor's bunions and treatment options including the Tailor's Bunion Toe Spreader Combo.