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Blog posts of '2014' 'October'

Medically Guided Shopping - the business model

What's Medically Guided Shopping? With Medically Guided Shopping, we 'help our customers find the right diagnosis and the right products the right way'.

My heel slips - what can I do?

One of the oldest shoe fitting tricks is the use of a tongue pad. Tongue pads are used to snug the shoe. Tongue pads are placed under the 'throat' of the shoe. The throat is the area of a non-laced shoe that would meet the top of the arch. In laced shoes, there's often an adjustable tongue that protects the top of the foot from the laces of the shoe.

What's the best orthotic for hallux limitus?

What's the best orthotic for hallux limitus? There's a lot of choices. This article explores the different inserts and orthotics used to treat hallux limitus.