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Foot and Ankle Provider Resources

Finding your diagnosis and product - We call it Medically Guided Shopping™.  Try these steps -

1. Know your diagnosis?  Use the search box at the top of each page to find our knowledge base article for your diagnosis.  Each knowledge base article can be printed for your patients to take home.  Each knowledge base article is associated with products for that specific contdition.  Products can be found at the conclusion of the article.

2. Interactive Graphical Interface for Diagnoses (I.N.G.R.I.D.)Know where it hurts?  Use our graphical interface and click on the area of the foot where it hurts.  When you click on the area of interest, knowledge base articles for that area will be posted, and the slide-out menu on the left allows you to browse through or search any of the other 150+ articles.

3. Want a little bit more in-depth information?  Try our blog.  The blog is a great drill down on so many foot and ankle topics.  You'll love it as a go-to resource for your patients.

Foot and ankle treatment guidelines

Need instructions for your patients?  Check out our catalog of Teatment Guidelines -

Post-op instructions following nail sugery

Toe nail fungus - treatment recommendations

Diabetic foot care

Managing diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Achilles tendinitis - calf stretches

Plantar fasciitis - calf stretches

Athlete's foot and fungal infections of the foot

All articles and treatment guidelines are reviewed by Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM, a board certified podiatrst.