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Blog posts of '2015' 'November'

Which antifungal is right for my toe nail fungus?

Fungal infections of the toe nail come in many different stages. Which antifungal medication is right for your toe nail infection? This article explores the choices in topical medications used to treat fungal infections of the toe nail.

Malignant Melanoma | Check those little brown spots

Bob Marley said, "Money can't buy life." He was referring to his diagnosis of malignant melanoma, that ended his life at 36 years of age. This article discusses malignant melanoma and the need to 'check those little brown spots.

Do I have a metatarsal stress fracture?

What is a metatarsal stress fracture? This article explores the onset, symptoms and treatment options for metatarsal stress fractures.

Have you met my friend Ingrid?

Ingrid is a part of a unique way in which we do business called Medically Guided Shopping. With Medically Guided Shopping, we help you find the right diagnosis (using Ingrid) and the right product, the right way.

Natural Moisturizing Callus Butter

Heel fissures are a unique form of callus that is often seasonal, worse in the winter due to cold, dry air. Heel fissures are easily treated with Natural Moisturizing Callus Butter.