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Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

Sustainable Health Care - the meaning of transparency in health care

Transparency in health care is the ability to easily and clearly understand all of the transactions that take place with your health care. One of the most complicating aspects of receiving and providing health care is the intersection of health care coverage and the care itself. To understand what I mean, think about what it takes for you to personally access your primary care doctor.

Treatment of plantar plate tears

Plantar plate tear refers to a tear in the soft tissue structure of the ball of the foot. Th is article discusses treatment of plantar plate tears with metatarsal pads.

Sustainable Health Care - What is an intentional choice?

When you think of health care, what kinds of choices come to mind? You can choose your doctor. You can choose the hospital that you may prefer. But beyond that, what else can you choose? Can you choose the type of insulin that you'll need for you diabetes? That seems a little absurd right? You wouldn't choose your insulin, that's your doctor's choice based on his or her training. Most of us would delegate that choice to someone who is more trained in the field.

Plantar plate tears vs. capsulitis

What is a plantar plate tear and how is it treated? This article explores the treatment of plantar plate tears.

BirkoBalance Children's Orthotics

What can be done for children with flatfeet? The literature isn't very clear when it comes to the treatment of pediatric flatfeet. What is available to conservatively treat pediatric flatfeet?