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Turf toe – how carbon fiber promotes healing with every step
Turf toe – how carbon fiber promotes healing with every step

As Patrick Mahome trains for The Super Bowl, a carbon fiber technology is there to assist in healingfootball

Twenty five year old Patrick Mahome has lead The Kansas City Chiefs through an exciting year and is scheduled to the meet The Tampa Bay Buccaneers in The Super Bowl on February 7th.  Behind the scen...

Hammer toe treatment – correction vs protection

Tips for selecting the best hammer toe pad for your needsTypes of hammer toes

The term hammer toe is used to describe how the tip of the toe hammers against the ground with each step. As the attached image shows, hammer toes come in a variety of shapes and are defined by the terms claw toe, mallet toe and hammer toe....

A simple tailor’s bunion? That’s not always the case.

Tailor’s bunions - the 3-in-one problem

The term tailor's bunion (also called a bunionette) comes from a by-gone day when tailors would sit cross-legged on the floor putting up a hem on a skirt orTailor's bunion coat. Chronic pressure on the outside (lateral side) of the foot resulted in a sore spot overlying th...

Wounds and wound prevention in the feet

Managing foot wounds in the decompensated patient.Diabetic foot care

One of the greatest challenges in foot care is wound prevention and wound management.  Wounds come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s always one common denominator in wound care; a decompensated patient.  What is a decompensated patient?  A decom...

How to Get James Harden Back on the Court?

What is a sprained toe and how is it treated?James Hardin

Head coach of the Houston Rockets, Mike D’Antoni announced last night that former MVP James Harden, starting guard for the team, would be forced to sit out in today’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans.  D’Antoni cited a sprain to the great toe as th...