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Blog posts of '2016' 'July'

Tongue Pads - the shoe fitter's secret weapon

You've invested in a great pair of shoes. The left foot fits like a glove but the right seems a bit loose and the heel slips. What can you do to make the shoe fit just right? The tool used by custom shoes stores is called a tongue pad.

Just For Toenails - the enhanced nail polish
Just For Toenails - the enhanced nail polish

Fungal infections of the toe nail can now be treated with medicated nail polish. Easy to use and fun, Just For Toenails, medicated nail polish. You can treat fungal infections of the nail while looking great.

What is a hammer toe?

What's a hammer toe and how are they treated? This article looks at crest pads. Crest pads are hammer toe pads used to treat sores on the tips of the toes.