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Blog posts of '2015' 'March'

Metatarsal Stress Fractures

The metatarsal bones are the long bones that extend from the mid-arch to the ball of the foot. Ideally, the five metatarsal bones share load applied to the forefoot. In cases where one metatarsal bone carries increased load, the bone fails to successfully carry that load and undergoes a stress reaction. This stress reaction results in a small crack in the metatarsal bone.

Treatment of Runner's Nail

Runner's nail is a bruise that forms beneath the nail. The most common contributing reason for runner's nail is shoes that are too short, but even more often, loose shoes that allow the foot to piston within the shoe. With a loose shoe, the nail repeatedly slams into the toe box of the shoe resulting in runner's nail. This article explores the treatment options for runner's nail.

Natural Diabetic Foot Cream

We introduced Natural Diabetic Foot Cream to the market in late 2014. Just another foot cream? No, not at all. Natural Diabetic Foot Natural Cream is specially formulated in the lab to address three very specific diabetic issues. Diabetic foot care is an important part of the daily care for diabetic patients. And we think Diabetic Foot Cream is an essential part of that care.

Sustainable Packaging

We try very hard to use as little packaging as possible, and to use packaging that is recycled, recyclable, reused, and reusable. We even use ink and labels with adhesive backing that are more biodegradable and recyclable than most ink and labels with adhesive.

When we ship your orders to you, we u...

Hammer Toes - Pads for soft corns caused by hammer toes.

Hammer toe products come in all kinds of shapes and materials (foam, felt, gel, etc). What is the bet hammer toe pad for your needs? This article explores the various hammer toe pads available on