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Blog posts of '2014' 'July'

Using spring plates to treat plantar plate tears

The plantar plate is a broad, firm pad of tissue found on the plantar surface of the metatarsal phalangeal joint. The plantar plate is often referred to as a ligament but is actually firm fibro-cartilage and resembles the menisci of the knee.

When we talk about health care literacy, how important is the word literacy?

I was getting on an airplane the other day and was following two young women down the isle of the plane. One woman held an infant and the other their tickets. They had stopped and spoken briefly to the flight attendant upon their entrance to the plane and seems for some reason to be struggling to find their seats. One of the moms turned to me and asked me where they were suppose to sit. The young mom was standing at row 12 and showed me a ticket for seats 12 D,E and F. At first I was a little confused. But then it all became clear. Both moms were illiterate.

Wiser than a wart

What is a wart and how do you treat it? This article explores treatment of common skin warts with Natural Wart Salve.

Why running shoes aren't making your feet any better

The Atlantic recently published an article entitled Why Aren't Running Shoes Preventing Running Injuries? The article looked at the sport of running, running injuries and describes how shoes just simply haven't benefited runners in the way that we might think. Although we're lead to believe that the science behind shoe manufacturing and testing has evolved to make a better shoe, it seems that the rate of injuries in runners has stayed at a consistent level in spite of these advances. If that's the case, then what's all the buzz about with a Hoka One One or a Nike Air?

Bone contusions - are they really fractures?

With the advent of MRI, we now have a new category of bone injury called a bone contusion (also called bone swelling). Is a bone contusion really a fracture? I think so, but thus far, we don’t really have the vocabulary in the literature to call a bone contusion a fracture.