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XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles

SKU: M883
The XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles (formerly named Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plates) add rigid support to any shoe. The contoured toe spring enables ease of walking and support for mid-foot and forefoot problems. This spring plate orthotic is a great full-length hallux rigidus and turf toe insert. See sizing information below. Sold as a pair. By 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
  • Light as a feather but strong as steel
  • Add carbon graphite stiffness to your shoes
  • Rigid sole helps with fractures, arthritis, hallux limitus, neuromas and more

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  • The XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles (Rigid) are our entry level carbon fiber shoe insert.
  • Slightly stiffer than the XLT, to further reduce shoe flexibility. and decrease range of motion.
  • Light and durable, XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles provide a rigid shank and support in the shoe.
  • The contoured toe spring enables ease of walking at the "toe off" phase of gait.
  • Made of layered carbon fiber and laminated acrylic resins, this semi-rigid carbon graphite spring plate stabilizes the foot in all conditions. 1/8" thick.
  • Sold as a pair. By 1 pair/pkg.

Sizing: We strongly suggest that you use length rather than shoe size as the determining factor in deciding which size carbon plate to purchase. The best method is to take an insole out of a shoe you wear regularly and measure it from the back of the heel to the tip of the toe, then choose a plate that is slightly shorter than your insert, so that the Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plates can be placed underneath the insole of your shoe. If you wear a half-size, we recommend the smaller size Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plate.

XAT Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plates are heat moldable. If modified, they cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

Because the Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles are very rigid and do not have a soft top cover, we suggest wearing them beneath a soft insole - either your shoes' existing insoles or over-the-counter insoles such as the Pedag SOFT Shoe Insoles, or Pedag Magic Step Insoles.  It is important to wear your plates in shoe that do not have a very flexible sole, as the lack of rigidity will put stress on your plate when you flex your foot, which could cause the plate to crack.

Interested in a lighter, thinner carbon fiber foot plate?  Check out our XLT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles.

Indications: The primary benefit of The XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plate Graphite Insoles  is their rigidity and toe spring. XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plates act as a shank and are used to stiffen the midfoot, or shank, of the shoe. Carbon Fiber Contour Foot Plates are used to treat forefoot painforefoot capsulitisforefoot bursitismetatarsalgiaforefoot callusMorton's neuromaFreiberg's infractionarch painmetatarsal fracturescuboid syndromeAchilles tendonitis and arthritis of the forefoot and midfoot, hallux limitus, hallux rigidus, turf toesesamoid fractures, and sesamoiditis.

Foot Care Tip! What are the differences among carbon/graphite and acrylic laminate inserts sold at

  • XAT Carbon Fiber Spring Plates are carbon fiber/acrylic laminate stiff insoles used to provide rigidity and toe spring. Toe spring acts as a forefoot rocker, off-loading forefoot pain. This turf toe carbon insole is sold individually.
  • XLTSpring Plates are ultra-thin, full-length inserts. A toe spring creates a forefoot rocker, off-loading forefoot pain. (Sold individually.)
  • Molded Turf Toe Plates are thin, unfinished 3/4-length, glass fiber and acrylic laminate insoles with an arch and rigid Morton's extension. They're best suited for problems in and around the great toe joint including hallux limitus and hallux rigidus. Molded Turf Toe Plates come in multiple sizes. (Sold individually.)
  • Flat Turf Toe Plates are similar to the Molded Turf Toe Plates but are flat and smaller, intended to fit in more types of shoes. Flat turf toe plates come in two sizes only. (Sold individually.)
  • Hallux Trainer Sport Inserts are full-length, finished carbon graphite inserts with Morton's extension that have the same indications as turf toe plates. (Sold as a pair.)
  • Hallux Trainer Dress Inserts provide the same Morton's extension and support of the great toe with a finished, slimmer design compared to the Hallux Trainer Insoles. (Sold as a pair.)
  • Flat Glass Fiber Plates contain no arch support or toe spring. They're recommended for metatarsal fractures and midfoot arthritis. Flat Glass Fiber Plates are also used as an impenetrable plate to protect against puncture wounds of the foot.

Disclaimer: Shoe designs (called the shoe last) vary so much that matching insoles and shoes is never a precise science. Placing a rigid insert (Spring Plate, Molded Turf Toe Plate, Flat Turf Toe Plate, Flat Glass Fiber Plate, Carbon Fiber Contour Plate) into your shoe may cause wear. The rigidity of these carbon graphite foot plates may damage the softer cloth shoe last. is not responsible for any damage to your shoes that may be caused by the use of these products.

Return Policy: Defective Insoles & Arch Supports may be returned for replacement or credit up to 6 months from the date of purchase. Here's a link to our return policies and procedures.

SKU#: M883

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