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Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles

Manufacturer: PedagUSA
SKU: 988
Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles are soft, flat, leather-covered memory foam shoe inserts designed to be worn over existing insoles to soothe tired, aching feet and make standing or walking all day feel like a dream. The memory foam is 5 mm thick.By Pedag. 1 pair/pkg. [read more]
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Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles absorb the impact of standing and walking all day with soft, leather-covered memory foam that adapts to the shape of your feet. Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles are full-length orthotic shoe inserts designed to be worn over existing insoles for everyday use. The leather top absorbs moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry. Easily trimmable with scissors for a perfect fit in most shoes, including dress shoes and boots. By Pedag. 1 pair/pkg.

Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles are a German product and come in Euro/metric sizes. Use our size conversion chart tab (above) to determine your size.

Indications - Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles are used to cushion and soothe tired, aching, sore feet and ease joint pain during long periods of standing or walking. Pedag MAGIC STEP Insoles are used to add cushioning and for taking up space to tighten loose shoes. May often be used as a cover for harder carbon fiber inserts.

Looking for the comfort of memory foam with additional forefoot, arch, and heel support? Try Pedag MAGIC STEP PLUS Insoles.

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SKU#: 988

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