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Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles - 1/2" Thick

SKU: M957
Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles - 1/2" Thick offer more slope to limit supination, or the tendency of the foot to roll to the outside of the shoe. Easily fits in all shoes. Can be trimmed with scissors. By 1 pair/pkg . [read more]
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Get the most varus or valgus correction with our 1/2" thick Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles. Made with a real leather upper, leatherette bottom and durable Polyurethan core. Can be trimmed with scissors.

  • Limits excess supination and ankle instability
  • Helps with Peroneal Tendon pain
  • Eliminates uneven shoe wear
  • Relieves symptoms of medial knee pain


  • Small: Euro 35-36, fits Women's Shoe Size 5, Men's 4 (9 3/8" long)
  • Medium: Euro 37-38, fits Women's Shoe Sizes 6-7, Men's 5-6 (9 3/4" long)
  • Large: Euro 39-40, fits Women's Shoe Sizes 8-9, Men's 7-8 (10 1/8" long)
  • XLarge: Euro 41-42, fits Women's Shoe Sizes 10-11, Men's 9-10 (10 1/2" long)
  • XXLarge: Euro 43-44, fits Women's 12-13, Men's 11-12 (11" long)

Looking for a different way to control of supination? Check out our heel wedges,  Heel wedges can be used in conjunction with a lateral sole wedge. We also carry 1/4" Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles.

Indications - Lateral Sole Wedge Inserts are used in the treatment of ankle sprain, ankle instabilityperoneal tendon subluxationperoneal tendonitis, partial rupture of the peroneal tendons and sinus tarsi syndrome, lateral column overload, and supination. Also indicated for medial compartment knee pain and medial compartment arthritis of the knee.

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SKU#: M957

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