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Toe Separator - Large/Firm

SKU: M693
Large Firm Toe Separators are made of durable, washable foam and separate the first and second toes by 1/2". They're perfect for cushioning and aligning your big toe, and controlling toe pain and bunion pain. Great for use after bunion surgery. Universal right/left. By 4/pkg. [read more]
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Toe Separators - Large/Firm are a staple of podiatry and orthopedics offices. Large Firm Toe Separators are worn between the first and second toe to cushion toes, control great toe pain, bunion pain, and straighten drifting big toes, gently providing a ½ inch, extra-wide space between overlapping toes. Use after bunion surgery to align the great toe back into proper position. Large Toe Spacers are made of firm foam that is long-lasting, washable, and reusable. Contains latex. Universal right/left. By 4/pkg.

Please Note: This is a very firm foam pad used primarily to position the great toe. For a softer pad, please try our Soft Gel Bunion Spacer, or for smaller foam pads, see our Soft Corn Pads.

Indications - The Toe Separator - Large/Firm is used to align the great toe in cases of a bunion. These pads also are great for maintaining alignment of the great toe after bunion surgery.

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SKU#: M693

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