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Walking Cast - Low Top Pneumatic

SKU: 895
The Low Top Pneumatic Walking Cast has a lightweight, mid-calf boot design that is a great solution for minor foot and ankle injuries including fractures of the foot and ankle sprains. Re-usable and easy to use. By Universal left/right. [read more]
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The Low Top Pneumatic Walking Cast is a great, medical quality solution for minor foot and ankle injuries with its lightweight, mid-calf boot design. The pump up pneumatic bladder on this walking cast can be regulated to control swelling of the ankle and lower leg. The simple Velcro design allows you to easily reposition, remove, and reuse the walking cast. The low-top design of the walking cast makes wearing pants easier. The rocker and non-skid sole makes walking easier and adds more stability in wet conditions. The Low Top Pneumatic Walking Cast has a soft, inflatable liner that can be removed and hand-washed. Three sizes to choose from. Universal right/left. By

We also offer a High Top Pneumatic Walking Cast for increased mobility after surgery.

*Recent studies have shown that patients utilizing a removable walking cast actually heal as well and as quickly as those patients using traditional plaster casts. Read more here.

Indications - The Low Top Pneumatic Walking Cast is used as an alternative to the High Top Pneumatic Walking Cast when immobilization of the leg is not required for healing. The Low Top Pneumatic Walking Cast is used in the treatment of metatarsal stress fracturesperoneal tendonitisperoneal tendon rupturesperoneal tendon subluxationankle sprainsAchilles tendinitis, and diabetic foot ulcerations.

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SKU#: 895

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