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Tips for choosing the right carbon/glass fiber orthotic - molded turf toe plates

Part 2 of 6

Molded Glass Fiber Turf Toe Plate

Molded turf toe platesThe molded turf toe plate is a glass fiber turf toe plate that has a moderate arch molded into the orthotic.  This differs carbon fiber platesfrom the flat turf toe plate that has no arch. Both have a Morton's extension beneath the great toe to limit range of motion of the great toe joint.   What are the pros and cons of each?  Let's take a peek.

First, the indications are the same.  If you read my prior post about the flat turf toe plate you'd find that the primary indications for both the flat and the molded turf toe plate are turf toe and hallux limitus.

Why choose the molded turf toe plate?

  • It's thin - the molded plate is just a hair thicker than the flat plate.  I think you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference in the shoe.
  • It's rigid - checking the relative stiffness of both the flat plate and the molded plate you'll find them to be about the same.
  • It's durable. - Again, these are tough.  It's hard to wear them down.

Why choose the molded turf toe plate?

  • Arch support - arch support is really the advantage of the molded insert vs the flat turf toe plate.
  • It's rigid - that's what we're looking for right?  The rigidity is great to splint the great toe joint.

What can I do in a molded turf toe plate?

  • Work - no limitations here.  Fit the molded turf toe plate into the work shoes or boots and you're good.  No limitations on activity or duration of time on the feet.
  • Sports - again, no limitations.  You can run and play any sport including football, soccer or basketball.  Distance running is no problem.

The molded turf toe plate is the best seller of the turf toe plates.  I think the arch support and unique design speak for themselves.

Next up - glass fiber flat plates.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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