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Tips for choosing the right carbon/glass fiber orthotic - Glass Fiber Shoe Plate Flat

Part 3 of 6

Glass Fiber Shoe Plate Flat

Why would you choose a flat carbon graphite plate?  When we first started to sell flat carbon graphite plates I didn't really see them ascarbon graphite shoe inserts a very practical tool.  They're primarily used to stiffen the shoe and my experience that was their sole use (what a pun, eh?  sole use?).  But it's been interesting how our customers have taken to them.  Customer feedback has been Carbon graphic Shoe Platevery positive.  We've had customers use them for a number of different applications where I thought the flat turf toe plate or the molded turf toe plate might have been a better choice.  The indications for the flat plates include midfoot arthritis, metatarsal fractures, cuboid syndrome, hallux limitus and turf toe.  I think the one virtue I've really seen is that the flat carbon plates are really good for heavy folks.  They wear like iron and cannot be broken down.

Why choose the Carbon Graphite Shoe Plate Flat?

  • It's thin - it really does slip into the shoe well due to the flat shape.
  • It's rigid - made out of the same carbon fiber as the molded version - very stiff.
  • It's durable. - Again, these are tough.  It's hard to wear them down.

Why not to choose the Carbon Graphite Shoe Plate Flat?

  • Arch support - none there.  If you're looking for arch support, check out the Carbon Fiver Sport Orthotics.
  • It's rigid - that's what we're looking for right?  If you want some degree of flex, might be better with the flat turf toe plate.

What can I do in a Carbon Graphite Shoe Plate Flat?

  • Work - no limitations here.  Fit the Shoe Plate into the work shoes or boots and you're good.  No limitations on activity or duration of time on the feet.  Many folks who work in construction wear a pair of these to protect against puncture wound from nails.
  • Sports - here I think you are going to find some limitations.  The Carbon Graphite Shoe Plate is built more for pedestrian applications and not for sports.

If our sales tell the story, people do buy a lot of Carbon Graphite Shoe Plates.  I'd be interested to get their feedback in this post.

Next up - Hallux Trainer Insoles.


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