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Mallet Toe Pads

What's a mallet toe? learn more about this unique kind of hammer toe and how to treat it.

What foot pad is best to treat mallet toes?

Mallet toe pads - which one is best for my needs?

This is the last post in a series of three blog posts that I've written to discuss hammer toe pads and which pads are best suited to treat hammer toes, claw toes and mallet toes.  Let's talk a little bit about mallet toes.

A mallet toe is a flexion deformity of the distal joint in the toe.  The proximal two joints of the toe remain straight while the distal jointGel toe protector contracts.  The result is usually a sore spot on the top of the distal toe knuckle or a build-up of callus on the tip of the toe.  For a visual Hammer toe crest padreference of a mallet toe, be sure to check out my previous blog post on hammer toes that includes a graphic of the three types of hammer toes.

In terms of product sales for customers who contact us regarding mallet toes,  I'd have to say that the use of a Crest Pad and use of Gel Toe Protector are about neck and neck.  Both the Crest Pad and the Gel Toe Protector are going to pad the tip of the toe.  When I spoke to our medical director about these two padding choices, he seemed to lean to the Crest Pad for flexible mallet toes and the Gel Toe Protector for more rigid mallet toes.

Questions about hammer toe pads?  Be sure to contact us by chat, email or phone.  We're happy to help you make the right choice for your needs.


Thalia Oster, JD

Thalia Oster, JD
Founder and COE (Chief of Everything)

Updated 4/15/2021

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