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Interdigital pads - which one is best for the callus between my toes?

The six best pads for callus between the toes.interdigital toe pads

The callus that forms between the toes (interdigital callus) is often caused by the alignment of the bones in the toes.  The bones in adjacent toes are designed to be offset; the enlargement from a joint in one toe should be offset with the concavity of the adjacent toe.  When this alignment is off, fiction between the toes leads to callus formation.

The key to treating interdigital calluses is to use a pad to separate the toes.  What’s the best pad for your needs?  Here’s a few examples of pads used to treat interdigital calluses.

Interdigital Callus Pads

Toe Separator - Gel Gel Toe Separators are an easy and inexpensive solution for interdigital calluses.

3 layered toe separators  3-Layered Toe Separators - one of the originals and still one of the best.

ViscoGel Toe Buddy  Visco-Gel Toe Buddy is used for callus between the great toe and second toe.

Gel Toe Sleeves  Gel Toe Sleeves - simple, thin and fits all shoes including dress shoes.

Visco Gel Toe CoachVisco-Gel Toe Coach is simple to use between the great toe and second toe.

Interdigital pads come in different shapes and sizes and are sometimes anatomically specific to the great toe or the lesser toes.  Be sure to check the entire selection of interdigal pads found on


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

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