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Each step that we take applies a phenomenal load to the heel. Consider the fact that in a simple slow walk, the load applied to the heel can be more than twice our body weight. If we increase the speed of our walk, take bigger steps, or jump, the load applied to the heel at heel strike is significantly increased. This load may be more than three times our body weight, and consider how many times this loading occurs in the course of a normal day. Step after step, over and over again. The ability of the heel to sustain these loads without developing heel pain is quite incredible.

This page summarizes the common causes for heel pain and acts as a referral to specific articles on Myfootshop.com. 


Plantar heel pain:

Posterior heel pain:

Other heel pain:

When to contact your doctor

Heel pain that fails to respond to a reasonable period of conservative care should be evaluated by your podiatrist or orthopedist.

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