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Heel Pain Relief

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Strips

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Strips are adhesive-backed tape strips that relieve tension from the plantar fascia, easing heel pain and arch pain. Single-use. May be worn with shoes. One size only. By PediFix. 7/pkg.
As low as $16.95!

Advantage Orthotics™ 3/4-Length Carbon Graphite Arch Supports

Made from carbon graphite material and Pedifix's ‘Perfect Fit’ biomechanical shape supports, these 3/4 length orthotics stabilize your feet to relieve forefoot, arch, heel and plantar fasciitis discomfort, weak and ‘flattened’ arches, foot fatigue, and other common foot conditions. By Pedifix, Inc. One pair per pack.
As low as $67.96!

Arch Binder

The Arch Binder is an elastic bandage that slips over the mid-foot and is worn around the arch with or without shoes, offering compression, arch support, and pain relief. By PediFix. Universal right/left. 1/pkg.
As low as $8.46!

Cold Therapy Socks

Cold Therapy Socks provide targeted cold therapy for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, arch pain, arthritis, and any foot ache with pockets holding gel packs in place. By Pedifix, Inc. One pair/pkg.
As low as $33.95!

FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads

FELTastic® Oval Callus Pads surround and protect tender areas on your feet. Relieves pressure and pain caused by corns and calluses on ball-of-foot and heel. One size. By Pedifix. 16/pkg.
As low as $11.00!

Foot Massager

The Foot Massager will soothe tired, sore feet fast! Give your feet the tender loving care they deserve. By Myfootshop. One/pkg.
As low as $84.95!

Heel pain is among the most common foot problems. Learn more about it in our educational content. You’ll be better able to determine the cause of your discomfort. Plantar Fasciitis – frequently indicated if your heel/s hurt when you get out of bed in the morning (due to sudden stretching of tissues that contract during rest) – is the most common cause of heel pain. Relief is often found through a combination of therapies – more support in your shoes, stretching, massaging, icing and limiting barefoot walking or activity in non-supportive footwear, among others. Here you’ll find the most effective solutions. And once again, we recommend trying several together or simultaneously to discover what works best for your specific condition.