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Hammer Toes - Pads for soft corns caused by hammer toes.

Hammer toe products come in all kinds of shapes and materials (foam, felt, gel, etc). What is the bet hammer toe pad for your needs? This article explores the various hammer toe pads available on


Hammer toes - splints and pads

We've spoken in the previous two blog posts about hammer toes and specific splints or pads to be used for problems on the top of the toe (hammer toe) and for sores on the tips of the toes (mallet toes and claw toes).  Hammer toes may also result in sores between the toes.  These specific corns are called a soft corn or helloma molle.  Soft corns are the result of a mal-alignment of the toes.  In a healthy toe, the bones of the toe are aligned in a way that the boney prominences are offset - a prominence of one toe is offset and against a concavity on the adjacent toe.  In a hammer toe with a soft corn, the hammer toe has caused this mal-alignment and subsequent sore we know as a soft corn.  Treatment of a soft corn is accomplished by splinting the toe or separating the toes to separate each of the boney prominences.

Hammer toe pads - splints

3pp Toe Loops Coflex 1 Inch Bandage Toe Corrector - Foam

Hammer toe pads

Pads that are used to treat soft corns can be broken down into three categories; wool, gel or foam.  The choice of wool, gel or foam depends upon personal preference.

Examples of wool pads that are used for hammer toes and soft corns include -

Lambs Wool

Examples of gel pads that are used to treat soft corns caused by hammer toes include -

Gel Corn Protector Toe Separators - GelToe Sleeve - GelGel Bunion Spacer

Examples of foam pads that are used to treat soft corns caused by hammer toes include - 

Double Stall Tubular Toe Bandage Soft Corn PadsCorn ProtectorsToe CushionsToe Separator - Large - Firm

Toe Separator - 3 LayeredTubular Foam bandages

Soft corns are very common between the 1st and 2nd toes.  There are also a number of pads that are specifically used for treatment of soft corns between the 1st and 2nd toes.  These pads are often combined with a method used to treat a bunion.  Examples of these pads that are used to treat both a bunion and a hammer toe with soft corn include - 

Toe Corrector - Gel Gel Bunion Spacer with Stay-Put Loop  Toe Spacer - Bunion Guard Combo


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 4/23/2021


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