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Hammer Toe and Bunion Products

What are the best products used to treat a bunion and overlapping second toe? This article takes a look at this common bunion complication and how to best treat it.

Hammer toes - products for treatment

In the previous blog post we talked a bit about the pathomechanics of a bunion and overlapping second hammer toe, but we didn't talk about any ways that we might be able to treat the overlapping second toe.  Here are a few suggestions.

Toe StraightenerFirst and foremost my choice to control the second toe would be to use a Toe Straightener.  In this particular case, the single Toe Straightener would suffice.  Although the Toe Straightener will not actually correct the toe, it will keep the toe in place.  The single Toe Straightener works particularly well since it's anchored to the plantar pad.  Anchoring the toe in this way limits the ability of the toe to overlap the great toe.  Alternatively, Toe Loops could be used or even Double Stall Tube Foam.  I tend to find that your personal favorite might vary.  Fortunately, each of these items are fairly inexpensive so it's easy to take each for a test drive to see which hammer toe product works best for your needs.

Bunions - products for treatment

And the bunion, well that's a tougher problem to solve.  In many cases, I'd recommend the use of a Bunion Spacer or Large Firm Toe Separator.  But with an unstable second toe, the pads used between the 1st and 2nd toes just won't stay in place.  And The Bunion Regulator is intended for non-ambulatory use (mostly while sleeping).  So, in this case, The Bunion Regulator would really be our only choice to treat the bunion.

When I see patients who have reached this stage of bunion and overlapping toes, surgery is something most folks seriously consider.  But for the short term, while preparing for surgery, these few products can be of help.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster
Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM

Medical Advisor

Updated 4/23/2021

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