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Hammer Toe and Bunion Products
Hammer Toe and Bunion Products

What are the best products used to treat a bunion and overlapping second toe? This article takes a look at this common bunion complication and how to best treat it.

Hammer Toes - Pads for soft corns caused by hammer toes.

Hammer toe products come in all kinds of shapes and materials (foam, felt, gel, etc). What is the bet hammer toe pad for your needs? This article explores the various hammer toe pads available on

Doing the second bunion

I had a unique opportunity this morning to perform a bunionectomy on two different patients. What was unique was that both of these patients had previously undergone correction of their bunion on their other foot. So both were back for a second go 'round to take care of the other foot. It's an honor when I can earn the opportunity to perform a patient's second surgery.