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Blog posts tagged with 'posterior tibial tendon dysfunction'

Why doesn’t my daughter have an arch?

Procedure choices and outcomes of PTTD surgery

I saw an 18 y/o young woman today in my practice who was 12 weeks out on her surgical procedure to correct posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD).  Following her surgery, the patient had spent 8 weeks in a hard cast and 4 weeks in a walking cast.  ...

Is PTTD still PTTD?

What happened to the dysfunctional aspect of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction? Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction

A proposal for modification of the Johnson and Storm classification of PTTD.

I met with a patient this week who came to my office upon the referral of his physical therapist who told him that he had posterior tib...

Five Foot and Ankle Conditions Treated with Heel Lifts

How does a heel lift change the function of the foot and ankle? This article explores the effect of a heel lift on foot and ankle function.

Relative Hardness of Heel Lifts and Heel Cushions

Which heel lift or heel cushion is right for you? This post discussed the relative hardness of heel lifts and heel cushions.

Posterior Shin Splints | Causes and treatment options

Posterior shin splints describes tendinitis of the posterior tibial muscle and tendon. The posterior tibial muscle and tendon originate in the lower leg, deep to the calf muscle. What causes posterior shin splints? This article explores the onset and treatment options for this painful form of ankle pain.