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Chronic dry skin of the foot? Consider t. rubrum.

If you're over 35 years of age, it's likely that you've come in contact with a low grade fungal infection called tinea rubrum (t. rubrum). t. rubrum looks just like dry skin. Classically described in the dermatology literature, t.rubrum infections appear in a moccasin distribution, meaning to say that the appearance of dry skin, (t. rubrum infection) is distributed on the sides and bottom of the foot.

Fungal Nail Infections | How to optimize treatment

Although Just For Toenails is active against fungal nail infections (also called onychomycosis), treating fungal nail infections with a topical agent like Just For Toenails is just the starting point of treatment. What else can be done to treat nail fungus? Let’s take a closer look at what I consider to be a comprehensive approach to fungal infections of the toe nails.