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Blog posts tagged with 'metatarsal pads'

Morton's Neuroma | Conservative Care

Morton's neuroma can be treated in a number of different ways. This article explores the conservative methods of care used to treat Morton's neuroma.

Treatment of plantar plate tears

Plantar plate tear refers to a tear in the soft tissue structure of the ball of the foot. Th is article discusses treatment of plantar plate tears with metatarsal pads.

A reusable metatarsal pad? How smart is that!

OK, so how smart is this? A metatarsal pad that's resuable. Just wash it and the surface becomes sticky again. This pad is easy to use while barefoot, in socks around the house or all day while in shoes.

Metatarsal pad instructional videos

How do I use a metatarsal pad? Our instructional videos are so important. We can tell you how to use it but there's nothing better than actually seeing a pad placed in the correct position.

Treating Morton's neuroma - the Jane Russell effect

Morton's neuroma is a common forefoot condition, so common in fact that in many cases, if a patient has forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma is cited as a differential diagnosis. Although there's a host of different conditions that may cause forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma often tops the list of problems. This article explores the treatment options for Morton's neuroma.