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Blog posts tagged with 'medically guided shopping'

Medically Guided Shopping ™

Using Medically Guided Shopping™ to select the right products for plantar fasciitismedically guided shopping - plantar fasciitis

I was working with a patient this morning, discussing one of the more common problems that a foot doc sees in practice – plantar fasciitis. At the conclusion of the discussion, I printed the plantar fasciitis knowl...

Medical Micro Moments

Google calls them Micro Moments - medical micro moment

We call them Medical Micro Moments – great opportunities for medical education.

You know the scenario – you go to the doctor and you get your diagnosis.  It all made sense while you were in the office speaking with the doctor.  You walk out to your car and you...

Anatomy 101 – the lower extremity

Foot anatomy – them bones them bonesfoot x-ray

One of the more popular tools on is our vast foot and ankle knowledge base.  In addition to articles on common foot and ankle conditions, we also have an entire section on lower extremity anatomy.  The most useful set of images in our foot and ank...

Sales bias in medical web sites

What is sales bias and how does it affect the credibility of a medial web site? This article discusses sales bias and how we strive to primarily educate and secondarily sell medical products.

What we do, why we do it and how you can help

Medically Guided Shopping™ is our method of doing business in which we help you find the right diagnosis and the right product.