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Blog posts tagged with 'lateral sole wedges'

Lateral Sole Wedge Inserts for Osteoarthritis of the Medial Compartment of the Knee

Can a Lateral Sole Wedge Insert be worn with a Prescription Orthotic?Lateral Sole Wedge Insoles

Lateral Sole Wedge Inserts are used and recommended to limit supination of the foot. Excessive supination leads to biomechanical overload of the medial knee making patients prone to early-onset osteoarthritis of the knee. By lim...

What is metatarsalgia and how is it treated with canting?

Metatarsalgia | Can you or can’t you cant?Metatarsal bones

Metatarsalgia describes pain in the metatarsal bone. Metatarsalgia can be caused by a number of contributing factors and can affect any of the 5 metatarsal bones of the foot. Metatarsalgia is most commonly caused by eccentric loading of the forefoot resu...

Lateral Sole Wedges - how symptoms of medial knee osteoarthritis are improved

Lateral Sole Wedges are a simple way to treat medial knee arthritis. The International Journal of Preventative Medicine calls Lateral Sole Wedges, "simple, inexpensive therapy for decreasing knee pain and improving life".

Lateral Sole Wedges - treatment of lateral ankle instability

Lateral Sole Wedges are a unique yet simple way to treat mild lateral ankle instability, peroneal tendinitis and peroneal tendon subluxation.

Lateral Sole Wedge Update

Good news! We've found a domestic based manufacturer who is willing to produce lateral sole wedges for us. Unfortunately, turn-around times are going to be a bit slow. We anticipate arrival of our first shipment in mid-May to early June.