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Blog posts tagged with 'intentional choices in health care'

Sustainable Health Care - What is an intentional choice?
Sustainable Health Care - What is an intentional choice?

When you think of health care, what kinds of choices come to mind? You can choose your doctor. You can choose the hospital that you may prefer. But beyond that, what else can you choose? Can you choose the type of insulin that you'll need for you diabetes? That seems a little absurd right? You wouldn't choose your insulin, that's your doctor's choice based on his or her training. Most of us would delegate that choice to someone who is more trained in the field.

Intentional Choices in Health Care

By definition, sustainability refers to taking only what you need and leaving something for others. In fact, a sustainable life style may even result in giving back more than you take. Let's talk a little bit about the fundamental principles of sustainability and how they may relate to health care.