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Blog posts tagged with 'heel lift'

Piezogenic papules – what are they and how do they form?

Bumps on my heel – what are they?  Piezogenic paules

Adipose tissue (fat) performs a number of functions in our body.  Adipose tissue can act as a fuel for energy and can act as a reservoir for vitamins, electrolytes, and chemicals needed for future use.  Adipose tissue also has a structural function that shapes ou...

Treating Leg Length Discrepancy

What Causes Leg Length DiscrepancyLeg length discrepancy

Leg length discrepancy describes a variation in the length of one leg compared to the other.  Leg length discrepancy can be functional or structural.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these definitions of leg length differences.

Functional leg length discrepan...

Treating Leg length Discrepancy

What's the best way to treat leg length discrepancy? This article explores what kinds of heel lifts can be placed in shoes to address varying leg length deformities.

Posterior Heel Pain - how to differentiate the symptoms of heel pain

Posterior heel pain can be hard to diagnose. This article discusses the differences between Achilles tendinitis, insertional Achilles tendinitis and Haglund's deformity. Treatment options are also described.

Five Foot and Ankle Conditions Treated with Heel Lifts

How does a heel lift change the function of the foot and ankle? This article explores the effect of a heel lift on foot and ankle function.