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Blog posts tagged with 'hammer toe'

Overlapping toes - causes and treatment

Overlapping toes - causes and treatment

Ronnie on our sales team asked me to talk a bit about overlapping toes.  Overlapping toes are a problem that increase with age, although overlapping toes can be found even in infants.

What causes overlapping toes?  First, let’s define what an overlapping to...

What is a hammer toe?

What's a hammer toe and how are they treated? This article looks at crest pads. Crest pads are hammer toe pads used to treat sores on the tips of the toes.

Claw Toe Pads - Which one is best for my needs?

When treating claw toes, what's a better choice; a toe straightener or a crest pad? This article discusses the pros and cons of each of these hammer toe pads and the indications of their use.

Hammer Toe Pads - Which hammer toe pad is right for me?

Claw toes and mallet toes are both forms hammer toes. How do you know what pad treats each kind of hammer toe? This article explores the differences in these toe problems and how each are conservatively treated.

Bunion and Overlapping Second Toe
Bunion and Overlapping Second Toe

Why does a second toe overlap a bunion? This common complication is explained in this post.