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Blog posts tagged with 'crest pad'

Mallet Toe Pads

What's a mallet toe? learn more about this unique kind of hammer toe and how to treat it.

Claw Toe Pads - Which one is best for my needs?

When treating claw toes, what's a better choice; a toe straightener or a crest pad? This article discusses the pros and cons of each of these hammer toe pads and the indications of their use.

Hammer Toes - Pads for soft corns caused by hammer toes.

Hammer toe products come in all kinds of shapes and materials (foam, felt, gel, etc). What is the bet hammer toe pad for your needs? This article explores the various hammer toe pads available on

Hammer Toes - Which pad is best for tip of the toe pain?

Hammer toes often have problems isolated to the tip of the toe. Problems include callus and pain. How do you treat these tip-of-the-toe problems? This post explores the use of hammer toe splints, crest pads and toe caps.