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Blog posts tagged with 'carbon graphite orthotics'

Carbon graphite insoles and gait

Levers, rockers and carbon graphite insoles

Part 3 – Putting it all together

In part 1 of this conversation I presented a common customer question:  can I wear just one carbon fiber insole?  I briefly discussed gait and how a carbon fiber insole may affect gait.  In part 2 of this conversation, I ...

Carbon Graphite Shoe Inserts – can I use a single insert or are they better as a pair?

How do carbon graphite insoles affect gait?Gait analysis

Part 1 – Legs and levers

A common question that we hear from customers is whether a carbon graphite shoe insole can be used as a single shoe solution or should they purchase as a pair to balance gait. Does a single carbon graphite insert effect gait in ...

Treat Hallux Limitus with a Morton's Extension

What is a Morton's Extension?

Thomas George Morton (1835-1903) was a clinical professor and surgeon at The Pennsylvania Hospital.  He was an active surgeon during The Civil War and founding director of several hospitals in the Philadelphia area.  As a pioneer of surgical techniques, he is accredite...

The biomechanics of cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing requires form that is centered over the ski with virtually no reliance on your bindings. Alpine and Rondonee bindings differ in that they are rigidly fixed to the ski (Alpine) or semi-rigidly/rigidly tethered as found in Rondonee bindings. The beauty of a cross country set-up is the simplicity of a toe clip. But that simplicity also means that the act of cross-country skiing requires a very calculated, centered load bearing and swing phase to keep the skis in alignment.

Treating plantar fibromatosis with orthotics

Plantar fibromatosis is a single nodule or group of nodules that that form in the plantar fascia, a band in the arch of the foot. How is plantar fibromatosis treated? This article explores the conservative treatment options for plantar fibromatosis.