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Blog posts tagged with 'bunion regulator'

Bunion Regulators - What are they and how do they work?
Bunion Regulators - What are they and how do they work?

Will a bunion regulator correct your bunion? Bunion regulators are intended to be used as a night splint (non-ambulatory splint). Used in conjunction with day-time bunion pads, bunion regulators can significantly decrease bunion pain.

Hammer Toe and Bunion Products
Hammer Toe and Bunion Products

What are the best products used to treat a bunion and overlapping second toe? This article takes a look at this common bunion complication and how to best treat it.

Doing the second bunion

I had a unique opportunity this morning to perform a bunionectomy on two different patients. What was unique was that both of these patients had previously undergone correction of their bunion on their other foot. So both were back for a second go 'round to take care of the other foot. It's an honor when I can earn the opportunity to perform a patient's second surgery.