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Blog posts tagged with 'achilles tendinitis'

Chronic Achilles Tendon Pain | What is the role of MRI and ultrasound?

What is the role of MRI and Doppler Ultrasound in treating chronic Achilles tendon pain? Does the information obtained from these tests improve patient outcomes? And are the costs of these tests justified? This article discussed the value of imaging in chronic Achilles pain.

Relative Hardness of Heel Lifts and Heel Cushions

Which heel lift or heel cushion is right for you? This post discussed the relative hardness of heel lifts and heel cushions.

Achilles Tendinitis | Using a heel lift and spring plate for treatment

Treating chronic Achilles tendinitis requires a comprehensive treatment plan including activity modification and rest. Rest can vary from a complete abstinence from activity or any number of activity modifications. This article explores the use of a Spring Plate and heel lift to treat chronic Achilles tendinitis.

How to avoid treadmill injuries

Walking on a fixed surface is dramatically different from walking on a moving surface like a treadmill. This article explores treadmill injuries and how to prevent them.

Plantar Fasciitis | Differential diagnosis of heel pain

Plantar fasciitis is such a common reason for heel pain that clinicians often need to be careful not to 'over diagnose' plantar fasciitis. What can be the other causes of heel pain? This article takes a look at the differential diagnoses for heel pain when the pain is not plantar fasciitis.