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Blog posts of '2015' 'February'

Intentional Choices in Health Care

By definition, sustainability refers to taking only what you need and leaving something for others. In fact, a sustainable life style may even result in giving back more than you take. Let's talk a little bit about the fundamental principles of sustainability and how they may relate to health care.

What is the meaning of 'Natural'?

What is the meaning of natural?

What is the meaning of 'natural' when you see it on a product label? When I buy a product - especially food - I look for the word natural, along with the word organic. These terms are important to me because I try to avoid chemicals and processed things as much as po...


I saw an 83 y/o patient yesterday with a very angry tibial sesamoid.  Although he's not on his feet too much these days he still was able to develop a very painful, inflamed bursa beneath the tibial sesamoid.  Two contributing factors included fat pad atrophy (thinning of the fat pad) and improper s...

Sustainability in Health Care - Lessons Learned From Permaculture

Sustainability is a bit of a buzz word these days. To be sustainable means that you only use what you need, leaving the rest to be used by you or others in the future. For example, sustainability is a popular topic in environmental sciences and refers to renewable agriculture, good stewardship of natural resources and recycling of waste. What about sustainability in health care?

Medically Guided Shopping

In the crowded field of health care, it's unusual to find unique products that are patient centered. By patient centered, I'm referring to tools that enable and empower consumers as patients to self direct their care. One such patient centered tool is Medically Guided Shopping. Medically guided Shopping is the unique product offering from that uses the power of the Internet to help consumers self direct their health care. Medically Guided Shopping helps consumers find their right diagnosis and the right product, the right way. What's the right way? Medically Guided Shopping.