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Fall Prevention - 5 simple steps to prevent falls

Every doctor who works with a geriatric population knows that when the falls begin, the geriatric patient is entering the final stages of his or her life. Falls in the geriatric population are difficult to heal for a number of reasons but can be prevented with some simple steps. This article outlines 5 steps that can be taken to prevent falls.

Bone Contusions | Are they really fractures?

Are bone contusions really considered to be fractures? This article discusses the classification of bone contusions.

Calcaneal Stress Fracture | Differential diagnosis of heel pain

A stress fracture is a nondisplaced defect in a bone that occurs due to repetitive load or trauma. A calcaneal stress fracture (fracture of the heel bone) is most often the result of a sudden abrupt injury but can occur without a history of trauma.

How to avoid treadmill injuries

Walking on a fixed surface is dramatically different from walking on a moving surface like a treadmill. This article explores treadmill injuries and how to prevent them.

Can yoga prevent falls in seniors?

A large percentage of my practice is an older population that is prone to falls. A history of falls defines the aging person. A single fall or series of falls are the hallmark of the final stages of aging. In many cases, seniors don't have the physical ability to recover from the secondary effects of falls and succumb to pneumonia or stroke.