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Dr. Jeff's Foot & Ankle Blog

Metatarsal Pad Instructional Videos

How do I use a metatarsal pad? Our instructional videos are so important. We can tell you how to use it but there's nothing better than actually seeing a pad placed in the correct position.

Treating Morton's Neuroma - The Jane Russell Effect

Morton's neuroma is a common forefoot condition, so common in fact that in many cases, if a patient has forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma is cited as a differential diagnosis. Although there's a host of different conditions that may cause forefoot pain, Morton's neuroma often tops the list of problems. This article explores the treatment options for Morton's neuroma.

Treating metatarsal stress fractures with Carbon Graphite Spring Plates

The feedback that we get from customers on regarding the use of Spring Plates is really quite interesting. I not only enjoy reviewing the feedback but I actually learn from the uses. Many of our customers are referred to us by their podiatrist or orthopedist while many customers are self referred, particularly the sports customers. Seems carbon graphite spring plates are talked about in a number of runners forums and Facebook running groups.

Doing the second bunion

I had a unique opportunity this morning to perform a bunionectomy on two different patients. What was unique was that both of these patients had previously undergone correction of their bunion on their other foot. So both were back for a second go 'round to take care of the other foot. It's an honor when I can earn the opportunity to perform a patient's second surgery.

Treating metatarsalgia with lateral sole wedges

Lateral foot pain is often described as 5th metatarsal metarsalagia. metatarsalgia can often be treated by decreasing load applied to the 5th metatarsal with each step. This article explores the use of a lateral sole wedge to treat 5th metatarsal metatarsalgia.