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Introducing 1stRaythotics™ Insoles

For well over a year, we've worked tirelessly to create a product that will target specific regions of the foot to correct Hallux problems and alleviate big toe pain. It needed to be thin enough material to fit into most any shoe, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of active lifestyles and sports enthusiasts.

We are very proud to introduce the most advanced orthotic insoles available in the world today...
1stRaythotics™ Carbon Fiber Insoles!

These unique, thin, strong carbon fiber orthotics feature Morton’s Extensions and other forefoot support mechanisms, all with integrated Medial Arch Support. They stabilize and limit MTPJ motion to ease pain while they improve biomechanics and allow patients to remain active as their condition improves.

Combining Morton’s Extensions with Integrated Medial Support and High-Performance Carbon Fiber, these unique orthotics provide comfortable relief and promote healing of various hallux and forefoot ailments. 1stRaythotics™ offer midfoot support while they stabilize and limit first metatarsal joint range of motion to relieve pain. Thinner and lighter than steel, our exclusive, German-made Carbon Fiber material offers just the right amount of hallux flexibility and arch support, and fit in most shoes.

• Limit Joint Motion
• Reduce Shoe Flexibility
• Enhance Foot Function
• Speed Healing

1stRaythotics™ Bi-Lateral™ model features Morton’s Extensions under both the right and left toes, and an integrated medial arch support.

1stRaythotics™ mixed pairs offer Morton’s Extensions under either the Right or Left great toe, and a ‘neutral’ arch support design under the other foot.

1stRaythotics™ Metatarsal Offloader design addresses a variety of conditions, including ‘dropped’ metatarsal heads, Neuroma pain, and offloads diabetic ulcers and other plantar pathologies, bilaterally.

1stRaythotics™ feature Reverse Morton’s Extensions under both left and right feet, with integrated medial arch support, bilaterally.

1stRaythotics™ Neutral designs offer thin, strong medial Carbon Fiber arch support, bilaterally.

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