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1stRaythotics™ - Carbon Fiber REVERSE Morton's Extension

Manufacturer: Pedifix
SKU: 4875
1stRaythotics™ - Carbon Fiber REVERSE Morton's Extension & Integrated Orthotics encourage big toe motion while stabilizing and supporting the lesser toes. Sold as a pair. By Pedifx. [read more]
  • Semi-rigid
  • Encourages big toe joint motion
  • Reduces shoe flexibility
  • Super-thin at 0.027", fits in most shoes
+ -

1stRaythotics™ - Carbon Fiber REVERSE Morton's Extension & Integrated Orthotics are unique insoles featuring a specialized combination of a 'Reverse Morton's Extension' that encourages big toe motion, while it stabilizes, limits and supports the lesser 4 toes to reduce pain and discomfort. The integrated medial arch support redistributes weight and pressure. Sold as a pair. By Pedifix.

They'll help your feet function better , let you stay active and promote healing while you return to your favorite activities.

Directions: With grey top cover side up, and black carbon fiber side down, slide 1stRaythotics into your shoes, toe first. The heel of the orthotic should fit snugly against the heel of your shoe. Test for comfort. If necessary, carefully scissor trim the insole toe area until it fits inside your shoe. Once trimmed, they cannot be returned.

By encouraging targeted joint motion, stiffening your shoes under the lesser toes and supporting your foot's midfoot structures, these will likely feel awkward while you get accustomed to them. Wear for short periods of time until all-day use becomes comfortable.

Indications: 1stRaythotics™  - Carbon Fiber REVERSE Morton's Extension & Integrated Orthotics are used in the treatment of metatarsal fractures, arthritis of the lesser toes, and metatarsus adductus.

SKU: 4875

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