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Wiser than a wart

What is a wart and how do you treat it? This article explores treatment of common skin warts with Natural Wart Salve.

Natural Wart Treatment

How wise is a wart?  When it comes to the humble plantar wart, actually pretty darned smart.  As a member of the papilloma virusCommon wart family, plantar warts are remarkably smart in the ways in which they have evolved to spread from person to person.  In comparison to an AIDS virus or common cold virus, plantar warts are real survivors.

As humans, we are simply shed machines.  Everywhere we go we shed skin and hair cells.  You might think, 'not me, I'd never do that'.  Remember the Peanuts cartoon character Pigpen who was always in a ball of dust?  Although we might try to deny it, the reality of life is that we all have a little bit of Pigpen in us.  It's a normal process that we continue to shed and renew our skin, turning over a completely new layer of skin once a month.  In many cases, the skin we shed contains remnants of our lives.  So where did you acquire that plantar wart?  Most likely you acquired it from another person who shed a skin cell containing that specific papilloma virus.

The plantar wart virus is a saprophyte, living on the tissue of others.  But the interesting thing about the plantar wart virus is its' resilience.  Studies have found the common plantar wart virus able to remain viable outside the body for up to 40 days.  That's pretty incredible considering the fact that an AIDS virus cannot live outside the body.  The virus that causes the common cold is only viable for minutes outside the body.  But 40 days!  That's a smart virus.

So how do you fight back?  First, recognize some of the common characteristics of the plantar wart virus.  The virus has a predilection for thick skin, areas that are moist and folks in their teens.  The easiest of these characteristics to change is the moisture component.  Be sure to keep your feet open to the air and sunlight to help keep them dry.  Rotate shoes so that you give Natural Wart Salveample time to allow the shoes to dry.  And lastly, use a drying solution for feet such as Onox.

Natural Wart Remover

To really win against plantar warts you need Natural Wart Remover.  Natural Wart Remover is a beeswax-based wart stick that combines natural ingredients that are indeed wiser than a wart.  Applied three times a day, Natural Wart Remover will decrease the ability of the plantar wart virus to thrive.  Natural Wart Remover eliminates warts painlessly and without surgery.

Natural Wart Remover is the way to be smarter than a wart.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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