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Forefoot pads - which one is best for my needs?

At our weekly meeting last week, Sue, aka Susanita, came up with a good idea for a discussion topic.  Sue was interested in knowing more about which forefoot pad was best for each particular foot condition.  Sue's question is actually a very good question in that we've never really had a good method to differentiate the use for each pad.  We've never really tried to segment the forefoot pads in a meaningful way. 
Sue's question forced me to come up with a method by which we could categorize our forefoot pads in a way that our staff could discuss their use with customers.  What I did was to group each of the pads into one of three categories.  Those categories include:

  • direct load forefoot pads
  • off-loading forefoot pads - general purpose
  • off-loading forefoot pads -specific purpose

What I'll do is break down the next three blog posts based on each of these categories.  Hopefully, this segmentation of the pads will help our staff better understand their use and help our customers select the right product.  Thanks, Sue.


Dr. Jeffrey Oster

Jeffrey A. Oster, DPM
Medical Advisor

Updated 12/27/19

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